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Let's Get Started

posted May 22, 2015, 8:32 AM by Stan Bush   [ updated May 22, 2015, 9:13 PM ]
The Daily Circadian May 22, 2015
I've been toying with this idea for years. Actually, I've been implementing on a personal level. I write for five minutes every day. It's called a personal Circadian.  You can read more about that at TheCircadians.com.  But for this post, I'm going to stay true to form and just type away. 

Today Is The First Area 51

And it was done to make me get off the fence. If you sit there, you'll stay there. What you have to do is get up and get started on something. It's very much like I wrote about in the article about SoonAs Eye. The truth is, I'm as guilty as anybody. 

So I Got Up Offa That Thing

And set up the office to be able to finally get started on this. All the post won't be so much about that, they will be about other things. But to stay focused, if you watch today's broadcast, you'll see that I mention a works station I setup. I cut the video from my window. I can see my garden. I can watch the birds, chipmunks, peasants, flowers, and even crop dusters from there. And all I have to do is move two feet to the right of where I'm sitting. 
So yeah.. .being self employed has it's benefits. The Area 51's will tell you a little bit about how to get there yourself. 
"Let's Do This Thing! CTW!"

May 22, 2015 - The Daily Circadian