The Circadians - Getting Stuff Done with The STAN PLAN
There’s a problem concerning productivity.
Most of the things that we spend our time on, just aren’t very productive. Meetings, phone calls, emails, and even working lunches aren’t productive at all. If anything, they are unproductive. A lot gets said, but nothing gets done.

It’s not anybody’s ‘fault’ really.  And yet, some of us spend loads of time trying to determine ‘what went wrong”. Placing the blame is one of the most unproductive activities you can participate in. The time spent finding out who to blame would be better spent fixing the problem. Here in The Circadians, it’s what we call GSD. We just want one thing.  We want it done. We don’t want to cry over spilt milk. We just want everyone to quit whining and GSD instead.

Everything about the Daily Circadian is concerned with Productivity. Whether that’s creating productive meetings, relationships, content, or marketing plans doesn’t matter. It’s about productivity.  

So now let’s think about the theme for the Daily Circadian. Remember…

“Event driven, Outcome Oriented, Business Building - Broadcast!”

Now let’s look at the main pieces of that.

Event Driven - The Event is the Daily Broadcast.  Yes, it’s a recurring event, but it’s an event just the same.

Outcome Oriented - What outcome do we really want here? Although there may be many other agendas, the main theme is constant. The viewers want to learn something, and the broadcasters want to teach it.  Sure, there are other factors like sales, customer satisfaction, and proficiency. But that’s really more like personal agendas. Teaching and learning are constant.

Business Building - One of the things about the Circadians, is that every member must be vetted. There’s a reason for that. We’re business oriented. While we may help each other personally, that’s not really our purpose. Our mission is to help amplify your business. That’s a fancy, schmancy way of saying ‘get your cash register to ring.” When you mix business and personal, certain things happen. One of them that never fails is that the ‘personal’ agenda bullies it’s way past the members using the ‘all you care about is money’ line.  It’s not a fair, or winnable argument. So we avoid that by keeping it to business people in the group. Everyone is here because they want to increase their business. There may be other goals, but that’s the one that’s shared by all

That’s what this plan focuses on. Coming up with new, creative ways to keep the Daily Circadian on track. We want to make sure that the people that show up to watch, get the promise that’s delivered to them. The promise that we are going to GSD AND stay true to the overall theme.

So now it’s time to create ten steps that can help get us there. Those steps should use the theme as a reference, and the S.T.A.N. Plan as a guideline. But that should be fairly easy.  The S.T.A.N. Plan asks these four questions on every project, or task.

S - Simple planner. Simple steps on how to get stuff done..

T - Trackable. Do you have a way to track progress on it?

A = Achievable. Is this something that can be achieved, or is it blue sky?

N = Necessary. Is this necessary?

Anytime you get stuck, take five minutes to review these four questions, and move on. .