Stan Bush - My Mission in Life

Where can I get free help on the internet
Sales Training And Networking Mission Statement.

Our mission is to educate, motivate, and communicate with our family, friends,and clients on how to use Google Apps to enhance their lives. 

That sounds like a mouthful. That's because it is. There are plenty of IT Solutions. It's easy to grab one and just go with it. The problem with that is that it usually ends just like it starts. Hurried, challenging, and expensive. And before you say it was 'free', consider your time. 

Google Has Many Apps

Generally speaking, Google has over 100 apps. That's a lot of ground to cover. Not everyone wants to learn the same thing. The get bored and drop out. Unless you make it interesting. Each application must do these three things:

  1. Increase Revenue
  2. Increase Customer Satisfaction
  3. Decrease User Stress

How We Accomplish This

Charging for services rendered is a necessity of business. With Technology services there may be questions concerning what is billable. As knowledge bank availability has increased, cost of access has decreased. Some mistake Google results for professional expertise. Just because you can Google "expert" doesn't mean you are one. There is no substitute for experience. We love what we do. We study our profession 24 hours a day. We have done this for over 25 years. We are givers who enjoys helping others. 

In our services, we provide all the expertise we have. We always attempt to provide services above what is required. If we don't know the answer, we find someone who does. You can't Google the knowledge base in our heads (yet). Here is an easy to read guide of our charges: 
  • Here's what's free: Everything we send out on a one to many email. Anything we can answer in a quick email. 
  • Here's what's not free: Detailed questions about a project that will increase your revenue. 
  • Here's what's free: Webinars or calls to groups of people of our choosing. 
  • Here's what's not free: Lunch, emails, meetings or phone calls to pick our brains. 
  • Here's what's free: Discovery calls with prospects concerning solutions or business agreements. 
  • Here's what's not free: Deep dive information requests and details requiring our professional expertise. 
  • Here's what's free: Charity work at any organization that we choose. 
  • Here's what's free: Information found on our blogs, ezine, social networks and email. 
  • Here's what's not free: Writing for your blog, magazine, newsletter, company manual or website. 
  • Here's what's not free or negotiable: Speaking, reading and/or writing fees. Any time spent on a project requiring our professional expertise. 
 Summary: If something requires our expertise or time, we charge. When you need us one on one, we charge. Asking questions to customize and increase your revenue, we charge. Information we offer freely to the masses, we don't charge.