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How do I use Google For Business?
What Is Google Local 

According to Google's own description: Google+ Local helps users discover and share places. Google's 5-point scoring system gives you detailed insight into businesses before you visit, and Zagat summaries of user reviews help you decide where you want to go.  

Why Is Google Local So Important

Because it links up to your website, Google Maps, Google Reviews, Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, and many other useful tools.  But only if it's setup correctly.  There are plenty of places you can read about how to set it up. Here's one where you can get started.  

Will Google Local Help Me In Search Engine Findability

It's created, maintained, and indexed by Google, currently the number one search engine.  It also gives you the ability to upload videos to YouTube, the second largest search engine. You can link your YouTube channel to your Google Local page. So yes, it can definitely have an impact on your search engine rankings. 
What's Our Number One Advice On Google Local
Reviews are powerful things. Once your Google Local Site is setup, make sure you post a link to where people can leave reviews on your business. Then make sure you watch those reviews to make sure you respond to them.  You can't delete negative reviews. Your best course of action is to respond to them there. 

What Services Do We Provide For Google Local

The short story is we can help you claim your venue. But using the link above, you can do that yourself.  What we do goes beyond what's on those pages. We are experts in the Google Arena. There are other proclaimed experts, but less than 20% can do what we do. If you want to know more, then setup an appointment with us, and lets' see if we can work together. That's the first step. 

Who Can Help Me Setup Google Local

Order Your Google Local Professional Implementation

Setting up Google + Local Google+ pages is an important step in getting your business recognized by the search engines. They are designed for businesses that serve a particular locale. Local restaurants, hotels, dentists, hardware stores, plumbers, or repair shops, for example, are eligible to create a local page. Google Brand pages on the other hand are used to promote a band, product, organization or any other entity without an address. The current pricing includes: 

* Helping you to determine which type of page you need. Brand or Local Page.

*Verification of your page Setup of your service area or address, depending on page type. 

* Adding all the pertinent information concerning your location, including: 

    *Description Days Open and Hours open 

    *Up to 10 images of your business (provided by you, unless otherwise agreed upon) 

    *Up to one Video, provided by you...unless otherwise agreed upon. 

If there are any special needs concerning your order, please let us know prior to starting the project. Once a page is created, it is impossible to change certain aspects. It's important to know what those are.  Please note that we are offering discounts to those that refer clients to us on this project. The referred client must buy to receive the discount. If you would like to know about referring more than 2 clients, please contact us at (478) 227-8260.

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