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What is the difference between Google Apps and Google Accounts
What Is Google Apps?

Google apps refers to the suite of business applications created by Google. This suite consists of five tools used daily in most businesses. Gmail provides email services for the suite. Docs consists of a word processor, spreadsheet, form builder, drawing, and presentation software. The suite also includes shared calendars, contacts, websites, and a private cloud for file storage. Google apps is normally associated with a domain. This means it can have multiple users. The domain administrator can manage the applications of these users. This includes the creation, integration and maintenance of other Google services. Google apps is a paid service and offers web, email, and phone support. 

What Is A Google Account?

A Google account refers to a similar suite of applications. Unlike Google Apps, all users are stand alone. Integration of all services are left up to the individual. Many people sign up for a Google account when they first join Google. They use the accounts to access Google’s other popular services. Those include YouTube, AdWords, Plus, Pages, Local, Maps, Blogger, Sites, Play, Picasa, Analytics, Groups, Tasks, Keep, Webmaster Tools, and the Google App Engine. 

Why Is Google Apps Important? 

Google has described Google+ as a "social layer" that enhances many of its online properties. It is not simply a social networking website. It is also an authorship tool that associates web-content directly with its owner/author. It does this by integrating applications into the social layer. But which applications, and which social layer?  The Plus Your Business Fast Start helps sort that out. To understand how, you need to know the difference in the applications. Then you have to give consideration to the integration into the social layer. 

What Is The Benefit Of Google Apps Versus Google Accounts

Google Apps and Google Accounts may look the same, but they are not. And that’s what causes much of the confusion when managing the other services. A well planned deployment can make Google authorship, Page Management, and Community Development a seamless benefit. Improperly implemented integration of these accounts can become a hinderance. 

When Would I Need Google Apps

Many users start with Google Accounts. They experience stable, worry free email services and are pleased. They discover the tight integration into other Google Services. They add their YouTube, Google Plus, and Webmaster tools to their Google Account. Then they make the leap to Google Apps to take advantage of domain based email services. And that’s when things begin to get crossed up. And it’s not because Google Accounts or Google Apps aren’t compatible. It’s because the plan for implementation never existed. So the user is left with a maze of applications that are cumbersome to navigate, at best. They begin looking for help. 

A Few Of The Gotcha's

They are told to ‘delete this profile/page’ by someone else who was in a similar situation. They were told that it worked. What they weren’t told is that they will never be able to access some of the services again. They weren't told that their ‘+UserName’ Google Plus profile will now be +UserName465BN. They didn’t know that in some cases they will have to start all over. Because of our no risk, money back guarantee these program groups are limited to 14 participants. They will be delivered via personal as well as group/business hangouts. Get in touch to now by simply filling in the form below and we will get right back to you with how we can help you and your business grow using Google+... isn’t it time you experience the benefits?

Google Apps Professional Setup

Order Your Google Apps Professional Implementation

As an early adopter of Gmail, and then transitioning into Google Business Apps, Sales Training And Networking has the expertise to setup your Google Apps without interrupting your current solution. We will help you implement the benefits of Google Business Applications and provide the expertise you need to maintain your Google Applications.
  • The current pricing and deployment includes: 
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  • Drive - stored documents at 
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  • Up to 5 email accounts (providing you access to Google telephone support) 

We support and provide implementation of other Google apps, please ask if you are interested in a different application set.