This site incorporates a lot of ideas.  Those ideas in no particular order are: 
  • What are we doing with Google Apps at Sales Training And Networking
    The use of Google Sites as a reasonable application for Content Management Systems.  Although there are a lot of content systems, none are directly owned and managed by Google. The integration between all those applications have proven to be easy to implement.  I believe there is a growing number of customers that would use the platform more, if they knew what was possible. with it. 
  • The separation of the application development, graphics, and social activity doesn't have to be spread all over the Internet. There are applications that work hand in hand with Google apps that make it much easier to deply. 
  • A program/task manager that I have created using Google Apps. 
  • A Writing concept that is a mix between 750 words, and The Artists way, that can be implemented both privately and publicly within the framework of a Google Site. 
  • The integration of Google Blogger, Google Plus, Photos, and Drive can greatly enhance the usability and portability of a website deployment. 
  • Search engine optimization is changing. I believe that authorship and authority can be greatly amplified the closer you stand to Google 
  • This post was created using a five minute timer.  That concept is part of my plan. Sometimes the best way to get unstuck is to just get it done. That's what the timer does for me. 
  • The images on this post, and others will be coming from Google Drive.  Some of them are taken from my phone.  Some of them are saved to Google Drive from another web page. 
  • This entire application should be accessible, manageable, and from any device anywhere. There is no need to be tethered to anything in this deployment