You Want It Worked on, or you want it fixed?

It's All About The Google Platform

Unlike many developers, consultants, and social media guru types, we practice what we preach. For example, this site is being completely built using the Google Platform. The 'About Us " page is being created using the Google Platform.  The content is being created using the Google Site "Web Page' template type. All images, links, and content is created 100% on and using Google's Platform. If we had time to make it slick, we could do that.  But that's not really what drives us.  Our passion is to walk our talk. 

Our Team Members

Everything is dynamic these days. Including team members, portfolios, and bios. That's why we've opted to put the links to our Google Plus Profiles at the bottom of this page. You can click to go to our profiles, or just add us to your circles from here.  

More About This Site

Although we've had this domain for many years, we've never attempted to create anything on it quite like this. You can do a search on the Way Back Machine to see some of it's iterations. We've thought about creating it like this, but just never could get to it. At the time of it's creation, there are possibly fewer than 10 sites similar to it.  In fact, there are none that I know of.  This is not your grandma's website.  It's different. You'll have to actually request access to get more information about it. We will have videos to tell you more about how that works. 

Nobody Can Like Stan Can

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